Saline Therapy for Dysautonomia; Weeks 3 & 4

Here's an update over the next few weeks of saline therapy, want to read part 1 & part 3?

Week 3

My doctor gave an IV needle a go this time, seriously, so much better! No real pain and so much easier to move around the house. Loving the saline, right now.

Week 4 a.k.a 'butterfly needles suck big time'

Last week the iv needle was so much better, and so was I! Unfortunately the pharmacy needs to order those in, so my doctor decided to give the butterfly needle another go. Yeah, bad idea.

After several attempts where each time the needle popped out of my vein (running saline straight in my arm, ouch!) he concluded my vasoconstriction was just too bad to try again.

We'll give it another go when the iv needles are in. I'm seriously relieved I don't have to handle 6 hours of 'there's a needle scratching the inside of my vein' again. I could've done with the extra fluids, though.

2 days later

The IV needles are here, woohoo! It's a good thing they come in boxes of 75, a whole lot of poking and 3 needles later we still hadn't found a vein, at this rate I'll have lost more blood than the saline would replace :).

We're done for the week, another attempt and a minor meltdown later, I'm wiped. I wanted to do loads, but I made the decision to just stop, take a break, take my exam and slow down. I took my exam (aced it!), made some dinner, put my butt on the couch with a hot water bottle. I'll probably dust off my dry shampoo instead of going through the whole hair washing routine. Sometimes we've just got to accept defeat.

For now, I'd love to hear from you! Do you have constricted veins? Do you have any tips for getting the IV needle in? Let me know in the comments below.